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Meadow Cafe
Saturday, September 21, 2013 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

A friend has been bugging me go bring her to Meadow Cafe quite a while now.
The reason why she was attracted to this place is that they have umbrella tables!
It's like a outdoor cafe concept.
Except. On the day we went, it was drizzling :/
Nevertheless! Was still keen to try it out. 
Seen some facebook photos and they seem to be quite creative with their dishes.

The cafe is located at Prince Alfred Park, right next to city.
It's also located right next to a pool!

We opted for both their breakfast & lunch menu.
We arrived at 11:40am,
So we ordered 2 dishes from the breakfast menu, and 2 dishes from the lunch menu.
I didn't take a photo of the breakkie menu, so I has to just guess the name of the dishes :l (soz!)
* Lunch starts from 12pm onwards.

I'm just going to post photos and give a brief description of each dish at the end.
None of the dishes were complex enough for me to write enough review.

Baked Eggs w/ toast

Black(?) Bean Sticky Rice w/ bananas, milk and passionfruit 

Meadow Burger w/ gruyere, crispy speck, tomato, lettuce, mustard, pickle & chips ($18)

Seared Ocean Trout w/ chermoula crust, lemon zest, spiced eggplant & mint salad ($25)

Baked eggs was pretty good!
Sticky rice was very interesting, with that passionfruit topping.
Meadow Burger was baaaaaaad. Oh no. The meat was just so tough :/
Seared Ocean Trout was by far the best dish! It had that indian spiced flavours infused into the dish, which was very nice. Yums!

Considering that the style of the cafe is meant to be a place to grab a bite after swim,
I'm impressed!
Meadow Cafe doesn't serve dishes that has that wow factor, but it's somewhat good enough.

Meadow Cafe on Urbanspoon

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