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Wooden Spoon
Thursday, September 5, 2013 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Wooden Spoon provides a 5 Course Degustation Menu for $56.
Isn't that cheap?! Whoah! (Degustations in Sydney normally go beyond $80)
Why so cheap?
Let's see why, and how the overall night went.


The service was fantastic!
The waiter/waitress was very friendly.
& they did their best to accommodate our dietary requirements.

The entire meal also flowed really well. 
The timing between each course was perfect.
Onto the food!

5 Course Degustation

Deep Fried Boiled Egg Rolled in Dukkah w/ beetroot yoghurt, radish and herb salad

Their first course was my favourite!
Just because I've never tried anything like it.
Never thought an egg could be turned into a single course.
The beetroot yogurt and the herbs was a nice compliment for the egg :)
And look what happens when I slice my knife through!

Egg Porn (as most foodies would describe it)

BBQ Style Squid w/ smoked paprika and lemon aioli 

This actually tasted really good!
Squid, smoked with paparika and lemon. What could go wrong? :D
They did not hold back on flavours, which I really like.

Crisp Pork Belly w/ dauphinoise, turned zucchini, apple chutney and chorizo puree

The pork itself was disappointing.
It wasn't crispy nor it was tender :(

But everything else on the plate makes up for it :)
Absolutely loved the dauphinoise (it's that potato at the side).
Dauphinoise is slices of potato that's stacked. Yum!

Along with the zucchini, apply chutney, and chorizo puree.
It's like a blast of flavours into your mouth!

Pan Seared Scallops w/ cauliflower puree, green apple, parma ham crisps & romesco sauce 

The flavours of the components that accompanied the scallop was pretty asian.
I could taste chinese and indian elements in those sauces.
Interesting. Noms.

Char Grilled Eye Fillet w/ pumpkin puree & chimichuri

Their steak was average.
I think their portion is slightly too small.
Every dish that came before the fillet was very light,
So I guess a larger piece of steak would nicely fill the stomach.

But um, the potatoes and the sauces were actually quite nice :)


After having the 5 course deg, we just had to order their dessert!
I actually found it strange that they did not include a dessert into their deg and made it 6 courses.

Wooden Spoon only has 4 desserts ($13 each) in their menu,
So we ordered all 4 to share.

Every dessert had nice presentation, but flavour and texture wise, it did not have that wow factor.
Still, I turned into a happy kid when I saw the desserts coming to our table :D

Their dessert menu changed, so I don't have an online description of each and every dessert :/
Thus, here's my attempt to caption every one of them.

Creme Brulee, Ice Cream, Macaron & a duo of Eiffel Tower...thingy 

Lemon Meringue w/ something sour & something really sour

Peaches w/ Earl Grey Jus?


Not every dish was executed perfectly,
But I do appreciate the effort put into creating them.
Also, I can now understand why Wooden Spoon has such a low price for their deg.
It's because their portions are actually pretty small.

Wooden Spoon attempts to be sophisticated, going beyond the scope of regular dining.
I can say that they're nearly there.
A few tweaks here and there (especially increasing the portion size) & their degustation could be awesome!

We dined as guests using a 50% off special deal by Urbanspoon.

Wooden Spoon Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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