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Ryo's Noodles
Thursday, September 12, 2013 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Finally, a Ryo's Noodles review!
This place is currently my all-time favourite ramen shop :)
I've been here quite a few times (probably around 8 times)
& I will continually return to get my ramen fix.

Ryo's Noodles is this tiny bright orange shop, very easy to spot.
Furthermore, there is always a stream of people lining up whenever I come to this restaurant.
(So be prepared for at least a 15 minutes wait!)
It's quite an accomplishment considering that this restaurant is located in a quiet area at Crow's Nest.

The restaurant itself is very small.
It could probably squeeze in a maximum of just 30 people.
The setting, however, feels very authentic. 
They have these Japanese stickers all over their walls.
Along with their Japanese waitresses, just feels like you're in Japan.

Okay food time!
Ryo's Noodles serves a 'special' ramen that combines both Number 2 and 3 on their menu.
I always order this whenever I visit Ryo's.
So here's just a double photo of two ramen sessions :)

Ramen in Spicy Hot Soy Sauce Flavoured Soup w/ roast pork, egg & shallots ($12.50)

Ryo's Noodles broth is just incredible.
I think this is the main point of attraction for their ramen.
It's what makes people keep going back for more.
You could really taste that a lot of work has been put into making their soup. Mmm..

A small issue that I've been recently facing though, is that they have been slightly inconsistent.
For my last visit, the broth was slightly too heavy.
However! It's still an enjoyable bowl :)

Ryo's also have a list of sides which is pretty darn good.
I can easily recommend to try them out.

Fried Chicken ($7)

Gyoza ($6.50)

I just realised that they also sell soft shell crab. Omg.
I will definitely try that out when I return.

Ryo's beats every other ramen shop because of it's authenticity.
However, it's not located at a convenient location.
So it's definitely easier to get there by car.
Or if you don't have a car, go and bug a friend to drive you there.
It's just so worth it! :P

Ryo's on Urbanspoon

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