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Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining
Sunday, November 10, 2013 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Sorry guys! Due to my long absence, here's a long post about one of my favourite place to go in 2013!

Another hidden gem right in the middle of the city.

Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining went beyond my expectations.

They have the MOST innovative and creative cocktails.

I'm just speechless.
All their cocktail has that 'wow' factor.
Every time one arrives on the table, I turn into a excited kid and go 'oh my gaaaawd!' :O

I've been to rabbit hole twice & I don't mind going again. It's that good!

Since I went there with a group of friends, we managed to order quite a large range of cocktails.
So the rest of this post will be filled with lots of pictures and a description taken from their website 
+ a personal recommendation of what to try! :P

Let's start off with some starters / snacks.

Tiede Wagyu Tartare $21
Onsen egg & truffle meringue 

Seared Scallops - $22 (Recommended)
Almond puree, garlic and lime oil, infused leek and crispy nori 

Look. Even their food looks and taste incredible. 

Those scallops was just divineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
My hats off to rabbit hole. 
Now, onto their cocktails :D (the first two are 'shots')

Jellied G&T - $11
Eben Freeman of NYC created the original recipe for this. 
We use Hendricks gin to elevate this recipe and serve it on a 
cucumber slice with a rose crystal. Take a bite and let this solid 
alcohol fizz on your tongue like its original namesake.

The Big Cheese - $14 (Recommended)
A lot of talk lately has gone into cheese and cocktails. We 
mixed this up and made the other components of the cheese 
plate alcoholic. Spherified pearls of burnt honey and Russian 
Standard Imperia vodka sit adjacent to our brandy and quince 
paste with a Manchego cheese tuile to accompany.

XO Zombie – $17 (My all-time favourite cocktail)
Our twist on the original. Mt Gay XO, Cointreau and Joseph Cartron 
Cocody are muddled with lime, mint and our house-made passion 
fruit caramel. It is shaken with aromatic bitters, pineapple and 
orange. Served in a bitter, sugar rimmed glass with a flaming passion fruit.

Shrubberry - $18 (My 2nd favourite cocktail)
This one is for you that LOVE your drinks fruity and playful. Russian Standard 
Platinum is mixed with fresh strawberries, our house made raspberry and 
strawberry shrubb, Elderflower, lemon, Fee Brother’s Rhubarb bitters and 
amaranth. Strawberry powder and sorrel finish this off.

Abbey’s Fruit – $21 
The flesh of cucumbers and pears is muddled with Lactart; 
the acid of milk and a hint of sugar. No. 3 Gin and Yellow 
Chartreuse V.E.P are added and it is shaken with ice. It is 
then fine strained into the fruit it came from and served with 
Yellow Chartreuse V.E.P pearls. 

Burnt Beauty – $19 
A sophisticated drink compiled of ingredients of yesteryear put 
together in a modern way. Fig infused Mozart Dry is stirred down 
with Acid Phosphate, VSOP brandy and burnt honey. Flamed orange 
oils rim your glass. 

Smoked Apple - $19
Laphroig scotch and Joseph Cartron pomme verte is shaken with house-made Ceylon tea infused cinnamon syrup, Fee Brother’s rhubarb bitters and cloudy apple juice. This cocktail is carbonated with fresh cider and the lightest dusting of smoked salt finishes it off.

Persephone’s Pain and Pleasure – $19 
A drink broken into two parts. Spherified pearls of Pama 
Pomegranate liqueur float in Jansz NV in a pomegranate dust lined 
glass. This is matched with an acid rich mix of Pama and Sesame 
fairy floss.

Aerated Caprioska – $17 
An entire cocktail of alcoholic foam. A long pour of Russian 
Standard Platinum starts then the protein bonds of albumen are 
broken with lime, denatured in a siphon and re-stabilized with 
house-made lemongrass syrup and coconut flavours. A lime, 
lemongrass and coconut caprioska served with a mint crystal.

Holy cray. What an amazing range of cocktails.

Even though I've only wrote several recommendations. 
I still think every single item on their menu is worth a try.
I really do want to go back and cover everything else.

Definitely one of my favorite places to go for this year.
10/10 for innovation and execution!
Highly recommended.

Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining on Urbanspoon

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