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N2 Gelato
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

N2 Gelato, where have you been all my life?!
I can't believe I still haven't tried N2 gelato (after 4 years being in Sydney).
Even my friends were shocked :O

But yeah. 
A gelato store in Sydney that I can truly praise. 
I absolutely love it when food stores or restaurants go beyond the norm and produce something creative and innovative.
N2 is like this gelato 'laboratory' where they constantly run 'experiments' to create new flavours. 
(Just saying it in a fancy way :P)

They make their gelato on the spot, which is incredible IMO.

Whoa whoa.
How cool is that?
They basically make a mixture according to the flavour we order, 
And they pour N2 gas into the mixture to freeze it. 
There's little holes around the glass window for you to have a feel of the freezing N2 gas :D

Deconstructed Apple Strudel Gelato
(Apple Gelato crowned with a mini Palmier and stabbed with a syringe filled with T2’s Just Lavender infused Mascarpone

They're trying to be fancy with the syringe and the biscuit.
But really, they don't need all these stuff!
It's like an added bonus really.

The gelato just by itself is already so incredible.
It's nothing like I've ever tasted before.
It really did taste like an apple strudel, but in gelato form! O_O
How they've managed to infuse these flavours and textures into the gelato just blows my mind.

I've also tried their truffled popcorn.
It also really impressed me. 
Never tried anything like it.
It was so yummmmmmmmmms!

This is my one and only favourite gelato store in Sydney. 
Nothing else compares. Seriously. Not even messina.
I can't wait to return and try more flavours!! :D

N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

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