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CalvinTCQ Sydney restaurants

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Thursday, October 10, 2013 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 1 footsteps ♠

There's a few Japanese Jazz restaurants in Sydney. Jazushi is one of them.
Was keen to try this one out since I've never been to a jazz cafe before!
However, the experience was just so-so.

Jazushi is made of two floors.
The top level is a 'bamboo' themed garden, with no music.
Whereas the bottom level is just a general setting, but with music. Hmm.

We ended up sitting downstairs.
Their music was strange.
I was expecting like real 'jazz' jazz music, and someone to whip out their bad ass saxophone (lol).
But instead they played like random oldies on their piano.
It also looked like their piano player was high on drugs (LOL).

As for their food, there are highs and lows.
Lets see how they fare.

Salmon & Kingfish Carpaccio w/ sea salt and basil oil

This was interesting, but not a highlight.
The textures weren't delicate and fresh enough. 
So it just tasted like normal salmon and kingfish with good dressing.
But it did looked pretty!

Camembert Tempura - Camembert cheese fingers with creme teriyaki sauce

Surprisingly a highlight!
What this is, is basically fried cheese tempura, that's dipped in this creamy cheese tasting sauce o.O
Super interesting if you ask me.
The cheese flavour was not overpowering, and it was just really tasty. Yummos!

Jazushi Fried Chicken w/ yuzu citrus sauce on a bed of home-made tartar sauce

Rahhh I'm on the fence on this one. 
Okay I'll say it's pretty good if you compare this to other dishes.
I'd recommend you to order this if you plan to visit Jazushi.

Grilled Silver Cod w/ seasonal vegetables and saikyo sauce

Not the best cod i've eaten.

Hitsumabushi - Grilled Anago Conger Eel on caramel rice served with dashi

I think this is Jasushi's signature dish.
It certainly looks very nice and pretty :D
Although it's not amazing. It's definitely a must order.

Duck Teriyaki - Sliced duck breast on a bed of broccoli with truffle oil

Oh god.
Avoid this at all cost :/

What is this Jazushi?
They did amp up their presentation, but taste wise, the duck was tough and their flavours were off :/

Dessert Platter (3 Choices of Dessert)
Souffle Cheese Cake
Gateau Chocolate
Green Tea Creme Brulee

Also another disappointment.
This dessert platter is below average.
Their cheese 'souffle' is not actually a souffle, its a cake instead.
Brulee was average & even the ice cream sucked.

Jazushi tries to be creative with their dishes.
But not all of their dishes are executed well.
Their prices are not on the cheap side either.

However, I would definitely recommend ordering their hitsumabushi and cheese tempura.
Their portions are actually quite small for their price tag, 
So I would say it's better to go to Jazushi for a drink and order those dishes as snacks :) (instead of dinner)
Bum bum bum.

Jazushi on Urbanspoon

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