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CalvinTCQ Sydney restaurants

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Big Stone
Friday, August 16, 2013 | Posted by CalvinTCQ ♣ | 0 footsteps ♠

Another food destination conquered!
Easily one of the highlights of my food exploration.
Big Stone surpassed beyond my expectations.

I was actually going into this restaurant, with very low hopes,
Because the last time I went to a tapas restaurant I had a horrible experience.
But oh my. This place is definitely a gem worth to be discovered.

For the four of us, we ordered 15 dishes to share in total.
I'm just going to bombard this post with yummy photos since there's just too many dishes to talk about.

Their neat little self-made menu! With a rough drawing of each dish.
Absolutely love the amount of work put into their restaurant.

Chef's Special - Big Stone Style Mix Seafood, Tuna, Kingfish, Sea Urchin, Ocean Trout w/ gelee & fresh tomato
Chef's Special - Pork blood sausage

Big Stone Style Yakitori - Grilled skewered chicken with teriyaki creamy sauce
Takosen - Octopus ball with prawn crackers

Mini Crab Chawan Mushi (Egg Custard)
Wagyu Roast w/ beef onigiri (Rice Balls)

(Complimentary) Ocean Trout Sashimi w/ drizzled mustard seed vinaigrette
Tuna Bruschetta

Big Stone Paella w/ seafood, chicken & chorizo

There was quite a delay for the Paella, 
So the chef gave us TWO complimentary dishes to compensate.
Which was good enough for us! 
Amazing service.

Matcha Creme Brulee w/ lentil ice cream and soba sticks
(Complimentary Again!) Cannele' de Maccha

Every dish was unique and creative in it's own way and did not disappoint.
The presentation of every dish was also very well thought out!

For the best experience, be prepared to spend hours in the restaurant, 
And not be on a tight budget (we spent $50 per person).

Also, remember, it's a tapas restaurant, so everything's in tasting portions.

This is where the Paella comes in, to fill your stomach towards the end of your meal.

Highly recommended!

Big Stone on Urbanspoon

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